New Installation

From Conception to Perfection, We provide Complete Customised Solution for you. Here we are helping you all the way with customized one-stop solution.

Maintenance Service

Most helpful service experts are always on hand to keep your portfolio of equipment moving. Our young and dynamic service technicians are in tune with new technologies and are aware of the latest trends in elevator's technology.

Elevator Spares and Parts

We even deliver any kind of elevator spare parts you require, which you can order online through our store page just like other shopping websites or by contacting our experts' team.

Who are we?

ElevatorHub is an ISO Certified Company:

In India, one of the world's fastest growing construction markets, ElevatorHub specializes in providing advanced solutions for moving from one place to the next; vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Our expertise in large infrastructure and demanding high-rise projects makes us a perfect match for the key growth sectors in the Indian construction industry.

Our portfolio includes widest range of passenger & freight elevators, escalators and moving walks, installed, serviced and modernized by us.

We believe in constantly innovating and driving efficiency to provide value and delivering the right solutions for our customers.

Our goal with each and every customer is to instill a deep sense of trust that we are with them whenever and wherever they need us by providing our best attention and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, our continued investment in expanding our operations, commitment to high quality standards and a collaborative approach to working with our customers and partners show that we are committed to supporting our future growth and prosperity in the long term.

So all in all, we can assure you of our expertise in keeping people moving from A to B smoothly, stylishly and safely.



Call Us or Contact our Expert's Team for the quote of elevator for your premise, or elevator kit or spare parts.